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2023 Conference Resources

Wednesday, Nov. 15

  • General Session: Washington, Lincoln, Roosevelt, Churchill: A Strategic Approach to Leading in Times of Crisis and Change (Download PDF)
  • Washington’s Enduring Relevance: An Integrated Approach to Strategy, Leadership, and Management (Download PDF)
  • Hot Topics in Land Use and Environmental Law (Download PDF)
  • Scaling Homeless Services Using the Foundational Community Supports Program (Download PDF)
  • Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) in Solid Waste Technical and Listening Session (Download PDF #1 | Download PDF #2 | Download PDF #3 | Download PDF #4)
  • County Partnership with Department of Defense SkillBridge Program (Download PDF)
  • Recon from the Inside: How to Get What Your County Needs from the State (Download PDF)
  • The Power and Perils of AI’s Role in County Government (Download PDF #1 | Download PDF #2 | Download PDF #3)
  • MRSC Update (Download PDF)
  • New Developments in the Voluntary Stewardship Program (Download PDF)
  • Internet for All in Washington: Broadband Equity, Access, and Deployment (BEAD) and Digital Equity (DE); Federal Funding Programs to Deliver Internet for All in Washington (Download PDF #1 | Download PDF #2)
  • The Power of Inclusion (Download PDF)
  • The Justice Project: Whatcom County’s Quest to Reduce Incarceration and Build a Safe, Humane Jail (Download PDF)
  • Collaborative Forestry in Jefferson County – Innovation and New Tools in Forestry and Carbon (Download PDF)

Thursday, Nov. 16

  • Bringing Film and Economic Dollars to Rural Counties (Download PDF)
  • How County and City Co-Response Programs are Improving Behavioral Health Care in Washington (Download PDF)